Yeah I bought them for the name…

lol- i love this.. ive seen em before!

Life With Coconuts

I couldn’t resist buying these when I was a the grocery store the other day. Whoever named this product was either a genius or an idiot. I prefer to think they were a subliminal marketing genius but then again I have a weird sense of humor. Either way nothing is better than shopping for Bimbo buns in a town where people wear bikinis to the grocery store.








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North Korea launched a long-range missile Friday morning;; FAILED!!

UPDATE: [9:20pm ET]: This story will be updated as events unfold.

  • U.S. officials say they believe the launch failed.
  • U.N. Security Council is meeting Friday to discuss a response.
  • This is the third failed attempt at an orbital launch since 1998.

Defying international pressure, North Korea launched a long-range missile Friday morning. However, U.S. officials say they believe the attempted launch failed before the missile was able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

U.S. officials confirm that a North Korean long-range missile appears to have broken apart midair after launch. Officials say they believe the missile fell apart within the Earth’s atmosphere before crashing into the sea.

“Despite the failure of its attempted missile launch, North Korea’s provocative action threatens regional security, violates international law and contravenes its own recent commitments,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a statement.

“The President has been clear that he is prepared to engage constructively with North Korea.  However, he has also insisted that North Korea live up to its own commitments, adhere to its international obligations and deal peacefully with its neighbors,” Carney said.

Japan’s Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka has backed U.S. reports that the launch failed. “We have confirmed that a certain flying object has been launched and fell after flying for just over a minute,” Tanaka said.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry first reported the launch, which is seen as defying international warnings and widely viewed as a provocation from the rogue state.

The U.N. Security Council will meet Friday to discuss a response to the North’s attempted launch.

South Korea Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok told reporters in a nationally televised news conference that the rocket was fired at 7:39 a.m, local time Friday. “We suspect the North Korean missile has fallen as it divided into pieces minutes after liftoff.”

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